An efficient exterior lighting not only enables energy savings, but also increases the safety and well-being in cities.


Facades or objects illuminated by LEDs

Light from spotlights and floodlights staged building facades or parts of buildings , art objects, fountains, plant groups or individual trees . It emphasizes details and creates night pictures as it can not generate the same light. Illuminations are effectively catch people's eyes and evaluate the environment .

Intrinsic color and the reflection properties of the irradiated object (object - luminance ) as well as the surrounding brightness determine the required illuminance : the darker the object, the brighter the area , the more light is needed. The color of the illuminated object and the light color should be coordinated. Precise planning avoids light emissions into the environment.

Effective Color Change LED

Facade lighting with LEDs bring dynamism and excitement to the game . Lighting systems with LEDs can be good in the building façade integration , such as behind wall projections . Continuous color change provide a fascinating light show.

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