The lighting in production areas must be flexible and individually to different work areas, spatial conditions and can be adapted to complex lighting requirements.


Light for complex production processes in industry - reliable and performance-enhancing

The requirements for the lighting industry are very high. Standards must be adhered to your employees a safe work environment allow. This has the effect that in most industrial plants , the lighting is turned on continuously . High energy costs and maintenance costs are the result. With LED technology, you can not only reduce these costs , but also reduce your ecological footprint . In addition, you can create your employees a workplace where they can feel safe and comfortable at the same time .

Maximum productivity is in production halls clearly in focus. The lighting makes an important contribution . The correct light distribution and light color fading and prevent premature fatigue among employees . They also reduce the risk of accidents , facilitate visual tasks and improve production performance. An effect which is also supported by products with high protection . Maintenance-friendly light sources reduce disturbances in production, so that a smooth workflow can be guaranteed .

Emissions exposed lamps need a high degree of protection , the fire hazard dusts meet entspechend proof lights ( Brandschutzsysmbol "D" or explosion-proof lights ) . As a light color suitable neutral white , for color matching daylight white with a color rendering index Ra = 90 is the illuminance per by type of activity 300 to 1500 lux lighting requirements for workplaces are standardized in DIN EN 12464-1 and applicable for industrial and craft workplace regulation ASR.

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