If schools need to reduce costs should not be borne by the student's. But be to your advantage: for example, by an individual and intelligent lighting concept that way even improves concentration.


Economical, eco-friendly school lighting

Learning is exhausting. The high requirements can be dealt with easily if good lighting supports the visual tasks " acquisition of visual information" and "Write". Thus, the concentration and the capacity rises is growing. Listening and communication become easier when the lighting provides a pleasant visual environment with visual comfort.

The seat assembly determines the illumination

The design of the lighting system is essentially determined by the seating arrangement : For the directional seat assembly mounted to the viewing direction trunking systems in parallel are equipped with fluorescent lamps. If free seating arrangement is a directionally neutral lighting , such as downlights for compact fluorescent lamps , necessary. Goal of lighting are always equally good visual conditions throughout the space, the lighting control is also dependent on the proportion of daylight. The illuminance : 300 lux for students in adult education because of increasing with age light needs at least 500 Lux Lighting should be controllable . Planning principles are DIN EN 12464-1 and DIN 5035

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