Today one wants to make his surroundings individually. Sophisticated lighting effects rely the necessary highlights. Especially based on LED light offers interesting possibilities, because the LEDs are for a very versatile and consume on the other side only a minimum of power. LEDs set a new course! Dip entire walls in new colors every day. You decide depending on the mood of your light, inside and outside. Go to product selection>

Dekorative LEDs

Whether neutral light for working, blue light to calm or red light for atmospheric evenings - a pressure on the remote control is enough. Who loves variety, which can choose between different dimming levels and RGB color channels. To create a light that changes location with the people who spread a soothing, beautiful light and is energy-saving ... part of the development approach of lights and objects of Smart & Green.

Decorative Downlights

LEDs that efficient light sources based on semiconductors, are now experiencing their breakthrough in architectural lighting. In the new LED lighting tools they no longer come only as a colored effect or orientation light for use, but are also suitable for accent and general lighting to a high-quality, energy-saving wall-washing. The spotlight series for the indoor and outdoor space with white and colored LEDs convince with their specific advantages, such as extreme durability, superior light output and optimum dimming and controllability. Thus LEDs are to the remarkable light source for efficient visual comfort..

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