LED lights are better

With LEDs you can realize Lamps and Luminaires that are completely new in terms of shape, lighting effect, control and other properties. It can be designed flat or linear, in almost every desired shape.


Advantages of LED lighting : 

  • Up to 90 % less power consumption with significantly less heat.
  • Insensitive to vibration.
  • From the first second the full light effect.
  • very high color saturation, LED lamps have a very high color rendering index ( CRI> 80). Illuminated objects are displayed in natural colors and have an extremely noble look.
  • In all light colors available - from 7000K daylight to 2800K warm white.
  • Environmentally friendly, they contain no lead or mercury. All materials used can be recycled.
  • By their thrift CO² drops significantly burden the climate

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