We need good light to see well. But light has to a much more far-reaching significance. Without our being aware of it, light controls biological processes in our bodies and therefore our internal clock.


People control light. But light also controls the people

So that's why the light is with us at the beginning. Its function in space, its characteristics, its planning. To the right lights in the right places in a way that light can fulfill its manifold tasks useful to save energy - and looks good. We call the light of advice. Preacher lighting consulting. The basis for this is our great experience. For over 90 years we know which lights make sense. And which "only" an eye-catching are. That's why we do not just sell "Lamps", but work with you to your personal light. One that converts your needs for function, quality and design. What this is necessary and what effect our lighting consulting, we will show you on the following pages.

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