Modern and very bright SMD LED tube. Replacement for conventional T8 fluorescent / neon lamps with G13 lamp base. Pleasant light, Economical and Environmentally Friendly are some properties of these fluorescent tube.
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LED Tubes

LED Wherever you look , whether in offices, warehouses , shops , bus stops , or even in your own apartment, you will always find fluorescent tubes. Approximately seventy percent of artificial light coming from them . Colloquially referred also not quite correct as neon tubes, they are widespread, more than any other light source . Compared with the conventional bulb are its benefits , of course, enormous, but for that you have to live with some some serious disadvantages . Especially the interior has it all . There, next to the inert gas mainly the highly toxic mercury is included . Breaks a tube accidently , this leakage can lead to health problems . At the end of their life may be these bulbs therefore do not enter into the household waste but must they consuming dispose of as hazardous waste. Thanks to the rapid progress , there are now but a compelling alternative : the fluorescent lamp on LED basis. There is no need ballast or starter , but can easily connect directly them. Think about security then you must also not make , since no harmful ingredients are used . Those who work regularly under the light of conventional fluorescent tubes, who knows how quickly fatigued by the flickering eyes. Not so with LED lamps. Here, the light is even and does not harm the eyes.


Advantages of LED fluorescent tubes

  • Cost reduction! Compared to conventional fluorescent tubes about 50% saving in electricity costs
  • Significantly longer life!
  • No UV and infrared radiation
  • No hazardous waste
  • Ergonomics: No flicker and flicker. Accurate radiation by defined angle.
  • Light - in three different colors of light
  • Very good color reproduction at very high intensity.
  • Available for all standard lengths (60, 90, 120, 150cm).

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