Modern lamps with classical version. "Retrofitting" is the entry into the energy-efficient LED technology.

LED lights are ideal since they are extremely efficient and allow a huge reduction of energy costs by up to ninety percent and correspondingly decreases the environmental impact.

This is possible because the absorbed energy is not emitted by the LED lights to a large extent as heat, as is the case with conventional incandescent and halogen lights, but is converted almost exclusively directly into light. In addition, LEDs lights have no delay on power and they are available in many different colors of light. From the neutral white over comforting warm white for the living room to colored LEDs or RGB LEDs. Therefore through the use of this technique you reach more comfort & safety while saving even more money.

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AR 111/G53 LED Spots

AR111 LED lights are the perfect lighting element in stores, large and small stores. AR111 LED lamps are operated with 12V safety voltage. Through this low-voltage solution a high safety is guaranteed. Light AR111 LED lamps have a G53 base with two plug pins. Like their halogen "grandparents" have the AR111 LED lamps have a diameter of 111mm and fit into any existing downlights. Rope lights and complex AR111 downlight lighting systems. Convince yourself of the new G53 recessed lighting, save energy and reduce maintenance costs to a minimum.

ES 111/GU10 LED Spots

Long life and high energy efficiency: LED Spot ES111 are compatible with many commercially available halogen HV versions and so the ideal replacement for conventional HV halogen reflectors. Uniform light distribution, low loss of luminous flux, fast payback and up to 80% energy saving compared to HV halogen reflectors with comparable light output and time.

PAR E27 LED Lamps

Parabolic Aluminized Reflector, it means the well-known PAR advertised - with E27. The number after the name of PAR in this case indicates the diameter in eighths of an inch. One knows PAR30 reflector and PAR38 reflector primarily in the field of event technology, but also to other lighting purposes, it is nowadays very often used.
Previously made ​​from heavy gauge steel with internal cooling plates, so LED PAR lamps are made today from extremely light special aluminum. And the interior has changed, because since 2006 there is finally PAR30 PAR38 spotlight as well with economical LED technology. About 90% less power consumption, which speaks clear language and well worth the switch to LED reflectors.

E27 LED Lamps

The version JDR E27 is as old as the light bulb. Edison invented at the same time this socket with the incandescent bulb. That's why this base is  so widespread. For this reason, there is also the modern bulbs with E27 base. An exchange is worthwhile because it saves from the first moment. The energy consumption is namely only a fraction of what need conventional light bulbs. And the LED bulbs E27 are also much more durable.  That makes the purchase of numerous old light bulbs obsolete.

E14 LED Lamps

A candle light with E14 base is already practical. They can be used as light sources in the bedside lamp as well use as an atmospheric decorative element in the living room. The only downside is the power consumption, which is always painful when rising energy costs.
LEDs solve this problem. These are now also available as a candle E14 and that makes the decision easy. Who hesitates seriously when the power-hungry lamps can be easily replaced with LED candles, thereby considerably save? There is no retrofitting needed, just unscrew the conventional E14 candle and replace the candle light with LED.

G4 LED Lamp 12V

The LED bulbs are an alternative in many areas and so there is also the base G4 / GU4. G4 GU4 was known by the use of halogen lamps. Today this base is widespread and present in almost all households. In conventional halogen lamps can be expected, a very high power consumption. The switch to LED G4 therefore worthwhile in this area - a power cost reduction of about ninety percent speaks clearly for itself.

G9 LED Lamp

The LED bulbs are On alternative in many areas and so there is therefore the base G4 / GU4. G4 GU4 or what known by the use of halogen lamps and Today this base is wide spread and present in almost all house holds. In Conventional halogen lamps can be expected, a very high power consumption. The switch to LED G4 THEREFORE worthwhile in this area - a powercost reduction of about ninety percent CLEARLY speaks for itself.

GU10 LED Spots

Widespread is the GU10 base primarily through the high-voltage halogen lamps with 230V voltage, but there are now also many LED bulbs as super bright LED spots for the GU10 socket. So you can easily replace the halogen lamps by LED spots and save up to ninety percent of energy. An upgrade is needed to do that. Are used the new GU10 lamps in a bayonet.

MR16 LED Spots

The MR16 LED Spot Lights use ultra bright diodes that emit an amazing amount of light. Therefore, this LED spot lights are ideal for installation in exhibition objects, architectural elements and residential properties. The lamp has a standard MR16 two pin socket, which makes a quick installation or replacement when using the MR16 socket type possible. The long service life of 50,000 operating hours (halogen spots approximately 2,000 operating hours) eliminates maintenance costs and hassles.

GX LED Lamps

With the bases G23 and G24 are Lampholders for compact fluorescent lamps and energy saving lamps. Now there are matching LED lamps. The acquisition of environmentally friendly LED lamps usually pays for itself in less than a year. Considering that modern LED bulbs can light up to 25 years, this is certainly a future-proof investment in economical lighting. Economical does not mean that these LED lamps are to be dark! The LED lamp offers 580 lumens light output, but less than 8 watts of energy are needed in operation.

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