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LED Downlights

For general lighting business premises or offices, it is now possible due to the rapid, continuous development of LED technology. The efficient use of recessed lighting based on LED technology with a fresh, attractive design and excellent quality of light, is now easier than ever.

LED light panels

Flat LED panels offer new possibilities for large area illumination of rooms and spaces with style and design. Due to the ultra-flat design, the ultra-simple assembly, LED panels are excellent in entrance areas, hallways, showrooms, offices, companies, warehouses and classrooms bright and virtually glare free to enlighten. Here solutions are needed, which are characterized by a unique design in combination with high light quality and energy efficiency.

LED Pendant and surface- mounted luminaires.

LED pendant light - LED technology in an attractive design
With our pendant lamps for your business, you create a local increase in the attractiveness of fresh produce through a unique color spectrum, the same time you achieve an energy saving of 15% - 47% compared to SDW-T and CDM systems. Due to low maintenance costs and long life further increase the efficiency. No heat and no UV radiation (no discoloration / early dehydration of fresh food).

LED Spotlights and Track Systems

The LED spotlight range set impressive lighting effects and is ideal for retail applications such as fashion stores and feature a compact design. Different color combinations and innovative surfaces allow this spotlight series to look even smaller and offer maximum flexibility in the design of the appearance. In addition to different color combinations and different finishings, also LED types can adapt Reflectors and accessories individually to the particular application.

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