Whatever the use, for which LED product do you need a converter - here you will find them! You can order dimmable power supplies here, too..

LED Converter

The different stabilized LED Power Supplies are surrounded by a weather-resistant housing and therefore suitable for outdoor use. In addition, some of our power supplies are dimmable. This allows you to dim your LED lamps and provide for atmospheric lighting.
In order to use the appropriate power supply, you should consider what you want to use the LED power supply. The selected power supply should provide at least the maximum total current to the required voltage. Please note that you do not use halogen transformers or low quality power supply for your LEDs.

 LED Control Devices

With our RGB controllers can be color changing with remote control easily control. The color change occurs slowly and the primary colors into each other appear so that when changing the color no trouble arises. Thus the pleasant LED Color Changing creates a relaxing atmosphere.

With an LED Dimmer for LED strips you can make your space in addition a little more comfortable. Depending on the mood of the brightness of light can be increased or insulated. By dimming the light consume LED bulbs in the dimmed state, unlike incandescent bulbs or halogen lights, less power. Thus, the energy consumption increases with decreasing luminosity also decreases.


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