Light plays a central and multifaceted role in the design of a visual environment. Only light makes working and locomotion possible, only by the lighting, the architecture, people and objects are visible in it.


Lighting design is not the indication of a measuring instrument but the human

Central criterion of lighting design is never the display of a instrument but the human - what matters is not the quantity but the quality of light, the way in which a lighting meets the visual requirements of the perceiving people. Basis of any lighting design is a Analysedes project, and the tasks to be fulfilled by an illumination, its conditions and characteristics. A quantitative planning can be oriented to the hierbeiweitgehend valid for the specific task standard, the requirements of ausder to the illuminance of glare control, light color and color rendering result. However, for a qualitative planning, it is necessary, as much information about the illuminated area to get their use, their users and the architecture.


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