Renewable Energy

Save energy and money. Artificial lighting should protect the environment and climate. These are our goals for this and future generations. With wind power and solar energy, many cities can be supplied with light.

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Natural light…

The natural light in its various forms - direct sun, shade, sky overcast, dusk - restore us to the variety of colors of our environment. The origin of the light - the natural light, the sunlight is that is possible with the help of LEDs.

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Pure Technology

Innovations in lighting technology are often based on the development of new light sources. The bulbs were followed by the energy-saving lamps and halogen lamps. Due to the high rate of innovation in LED technology, this can be realized with these semiconductor elements.

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  • "... The whole manifold, the whole charm and all the beauty of life are made up of light and shadow ..."

    Leo Nikolajewitsch Graf Tolstoi (2)

  • "... A new idea is a light which illuminates things that, before the light fell upon it, were without form for us ..."

    Susanne K. Langer, 1984 (2)

  • "... Architecture is the full, correct and magnificent play of forms assembled in the light structure ..."

    Le Corbusier, Vers une architecture, 1922 (2)

  • "... A great discovery of man is the artificial light. Unfortunately, he no longer recognizes the true light often ...."

     Rita Kubla, *1957 (2)

  • "... The light we can not comprehend, and the darkness we will not understand, because man is the revelation was given, and the colors have come into the world, that is, blue and red...

    Philipp Otto Runge, an Johann Daniel Runge, 7. November 1802 (2)

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LED Retrofit Lamps - no compromise on light quality.

New top product on the market: House-of-LED lamp with strong 1350 lumens, brilliant Heligkeit and optimal price-performance ratio. The 16W LED lamp E27 socketed and replaced 100W bulbs. The lamps offer a beautiful warm white light, a außergewönlich long life, and an immediate energy savings. The perfect replacement for conventional incandescent lamps.

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