The right light in offices is an important criterion for pleasant working atmosphere: it creates a pleasant mood, increases productivity, and reduces the error rate.


Endless possibilities for office lighting

Networks , teamwork , job-sharing : In the modern world of work flexibility is required by the lighting solution in the office. The workplace must be safe and ergonomically , and thus promote health. The office should also be inspiring - a place that is being worked on you. Essential is a professional lighting in the workplace. It is adapted to the specific visual tasks , visual performance and visual comfort guaranteed and can be adjusted to the individual needs of each employee.  At the same time the office lighting is characterized by efficiency , because in office buildings about 40 percent of total electricity costs for lighting are currently being issued. Visual tasks determine the illuminance. The more difficult the visual task , the higher the illuminance must be : At least 500 lux maintained value ) are correct according to DIN EN 12464-1 . It is important to make sure that the lighting intensity must be increased depending on the maintenance factor in the installation because the light level decreases by aging and pollution. 

For office lighting three lighting concepts are applied: 

Mandatory lighting specifications refer to DIN EN 12464 , DIN 5035 ( parts 7 and 8) and the screen requirements . Further guidance is called DIN EN ISO 9241 , Part 6 , the Arbeitsstättenvorordnung ( ArbStättV ) , office lighting concerned workplace regulation ASR and the Occupational Safety and Health Act ( ArbSchG) .